Are you ready for your daily propaganda?

By S. Michael Houdmann, Got Questions Ministries

The news coverage of the current conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza has been interesting, to say the least. Depending on which "news" station you watch/read, the coverage is entirely different. While I have definitely noticed this phenomenon before, I don't think I have seen it quite this blatantly presented. On one news report, Israel is, entirely unprovoked, attempting to commit genocide against the Palestinians. On another news report, Israel is doing everything it can to avoid civilian casualties and is simply seeking to stop Hamas, and other terrorists, from being able to terrorize the citizens of Israel with a constant barrage of rockets.

While I am definitely pro-Israel, I am not ignorant of the fact that there are two sides to every story. I do not claim Israel is guiltless in either the cause of the conflict or what is occurring within the conflict. But, this post is not about Israel. It is about what is being presented as "news" to us today. We are being lied to. What passes as "news" in many outlets is far closer to propaganda than it is to news.

The exact same thing happened with the recent Hobby Lobby Supreme Court ruling. Still 3 1/2 months from the November mid-term elections, the politicians here in Colorado are already spewing forth blatant misrepresentations and outright lies about their opponents, and the news outlets are often the messengers. We Americans are now getting a taste of what people in other countries have experienced for decades. Except, many of us still live under the delusion that "freedom of the press" means that the press will tell us the truth even if the government opposes that truth.

Spinning the news is not new. Withholding certain important truths from the public is not new. Presenting the news in such a way as to push people a certain direction is not new. Proclaiming propaganda disguised as news is not new. None of this is new. I suppose the only thing that is new is how absolutely obvious it has become.

I would encourage you to take what you hear/read in the news with a grain of salt, but that would be an ad hominem attack against salt! Maybe we should just automatically assume the news is lying to us, sort of a reverse of "innocent until proven guilty." In many instances, both sides are lying and the truth is somewhere in between. Thank goodness we have the internet, that great depository of truth (insert sarcastic and despondent moan here).

Sorry if this post seems overly cynical. I am just tired of being lied to. I simply want to be told the truth. What is even more frustrating than being lied to is the fact that a majority of people do not recognize the propaganda that is masquerading as news. Even worse yet, many people do not care.

May this be a reminder to us all, that God is true, and every man a liar (Romans 3:4). God's Word is truth (Psalm 119:160; John 17:17). God does not lie (Number 23:19; Titus 1:2; Hebrews 6:18). We are all, to a certain extent, brainwashed by the content we expose ourselves to. Remember this — the truth of God's Word is the only "brainwashing" that actually uses soap (Romans 12:2).

Image Credit: Jenny Potter; "propaganda"; Creative Commons

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Published 7/23/14