Quantum Frequency – How Prayer Works?

Les thought that his newly discovered Quantum Frequency revealed how prayer works. Although his skeptical, cynical computer buddies at PMI preferred the "black ops/black helicopter" explanation, I was increasingly intrigued. Although I walked away from the "religion thing" years ago, I was still fascinated by the biblical archaeology, ancient conspiracies, and "bible codes" concepts that pointed to something "other-worldly." For me, it was no different than SETI, Roswell, and alien encounters… I loved all this stuff! This WDM quantum frequency thing that Les discovered just added a metaphysical element to the communication possibilities from outside our space-time domain.

I spent a couple more months at PMI and became pretty close friends with Les. We shared quite a bit of Mountain Dew discussing the Quantum Frequency and his related theory of how prayer works. Not only did we have philosophical discussions, Les continued to hone his photonics experiments and mathematical models. Although I didn't have a clue what we were looking at on those computer monitors, Les continued to invite me to his after-hours lab sessions, usually giving me an "important job" of some kind. Using his unique Wavelength Division Multiplexing skills and an algorithm-driven version of Strong's Hebrew concordance that he concocted, Les collected nearly a terabyte of what he called, "quantum conversations."

Quantum Frequency – The Language of Prayer

Think about it… Is this really how prayer works? Is it really as simple as a smart photonics geek using 21st century technological tools wiggling into a quantum frequency that's been there all along? Could it be that the mathematical/physical properties of metaphysical communication are similar to the mathematical/physical properties of physical communication? Does it all come down to invisible wavelengths carrying numeric representations of an ancient language…?

Unlike most of history and until a few decades ago, we had no idea about the various frequencies on the wavelength spectrum. Now, not only do we know they exist, but we've harnessed them to a certain degree in various commercial applications. Most of us now know that a huge number of invisible pathways are filled with a nearly infinite number of sights and sounds. With satellites, cell phones, optic fiber, cable systems, radio bands, point-to-point optical systems, etc., we have oodles of voice conversations, data, videos, documents, and images flying before our faces all the time. However, until these last couple months at PMI, I've never really thought about the awesomeness of telecommunications – about the sheer scope of the invisible realm before us. I just didn't realize the immense volume of "normal" communication that fills invisible point-to-point pathways in our everyday world. Think about it -- We now understand that the quantum world is an absolute reality. We participate in it (and count on it) every day.

Quantum Frequency – Does Prayer Work?

So, similar to harnessing other frequencies in the last few decades, is it possible that Les has used his crazy know-how to "see" an as-yet-unknown Quantum Frequency? Is it also possible that this is how prayer works -- how billions of point-to-point spiritual conversations a second could actually occur? Although I guess God could do it any way he wants, there's no reason that the same frequency spectrum that carries audible sound and visible light couldn't also carry mental thoughts and subconscious communication. It's just a matter of tuning into a "buried" frequency within the spectrum.

I'm pumped… I was writing all of this in my journal, and I discovered this old scripture note from my mom. I think she slipped this into one of my birthday cards years ago…
"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4:6-7)
Something just clicked,


Image Credit: John Twohig; "Born."; Creative Commons