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Smart phones are amazing — with one device you can keep in contact, share with friends, even read the Bible. But sometimes the distractions are more powerful than the convenience and we need to unplug our Bibles.

Written by: MeLissa LeFleur


Typically, the Crusades are described as brutal acts of atrocity, targeting innocent and peaceful Muslims, in a racist, zealous religious war aimed at forcibly spreading Christianity. This view is not just a caricature, it’s blatantly false.

Written by: Jeff Laird


The Bible tells us about Jesus' divine virtue of willingly forgiving all injustices. Are we to do the same?

Written by: Jim Allen


No Excuse  |  Jul 28, 2014

No matter what our circumstances, and no matter what our relationship is with others, we have no excuse: the wide-open, spacious life reflects the Holy Spirit inside us.

Read more...Kersley Fitzgerald
Leaving the Faith  |  Jul 28, 2014

Pastors and Christians in general oftentimes wrestle with the question of why some people who profess to be believers walk away from the faith. Simply put, it’s what they want to do.

Read more...Robin Schumacher

What does recent research tell us about child trafficking? Where does it come from, and how can it be stopped?
Read more...Kersley Fitzgerald

Did God really say?  |  Jul 25
The only way I am going to do any worthwhile learning is to examine the facts. I need to see what God really has said.
Read more...Gwen Sellers

Is anyone truly giving the news anymore? How can we discern the difference between news and propaganda?
Read more...S. Michael Houdmann

Dialing 911  |  Jul 23
Can humankind offer hope and change without God? If not, then why do our global leaders think otherwise?
Read more...Jim Allen

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