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Is Exodus: Gods and Kings biblically accurate? Should a Christian see Exodus: Gods and Kings?

Written by: S. Michael Houdmann


Behavioral science tries to explain and determine how we humans think and act. Funny how the most accurate findings directly reflect biblical truth.

Written by: Gwen Sellers


What is the novel The Red Tent? Should a Christian read The Red Tent?

Written by: Jessica Goforth


Does the virgin birth matter? Could Jesus be the Messiah without the virgin birth?

Read more...Robin Schumacher

Christ's words to the seven churches in Revelation are just as applicable to us as they were to them. Are you listening to those words?

Read more...Laurel J. Davis
Accepting Christ  |  Dec 16, 2014

What do you have to believe to be a Christian? What don't you have to believe?

Read more...Kersley Fitzgerald

While the lights and decorations go up, the Christmas Season across American is under attack again. What can we do?
Read more... Jim Allen

Presence for Christmas  |  Dec 10
Christmas presents are great! But even better is the presence of Jesus who grew up from that baby and died on the cross for our sins.
Read more... Laurel J. Davis

Winsomely Authentic  |  Dec 10
There are characteristics that naturally turn us off to people. But then there are people who we are drawn to despite their quirks. It turns out that authenticity is a big part of being winsome.
Read more... Gwen Sellers

We spend Advent shopping and eating and maybe lighting candles. But we rarely stop to think: these are the days leading up to the arrival of the warrior who saved us.
Read more... Kersley Fitzgerald

Are there degrees of good and evil? Are all sins the same, or are some worse than others?
Read more... Robin Schumacher

The Atheist Fairy Tale  |  Dec 8
Atheists accuse Christians, and other theists, of believing in fairy tales. Is atheism truly any different? How would an atheist fairy tale read?
Read more... S. Michael Houdmann

Did Jesus turn water into real, alcoholic wine? What is the difference between wine now and wine in Jesus' day?
Read more... Izaak Noel

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