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Aside from the political wrangling, what would Jesus tell us about the thousands of undocumented children who have come into the US? What does compassionate discernment look like for an abandoned child?

Written by: Fredric Carlson


So, I've been slowly reading through the New Testament. It's interesting how you can discover things you read over 18 times before. It seems like every chapter in 1 Corinthians has at least one little slap across the face. Here are a few.

Written by: Kersley Fitzgerald


Trust, control, fear, pain...the things that make us run from love are the very things that make us need love.

Written by: Gwen Sellers


The Meaning of Outrageous  |  Jul 18, 2014

Loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength doesn't mean we can't love others. It shows us how to love others better.

Read more...John Myer
Church Foundations: John Owen  |  Jul 17, 2014

John Owen, the 'theologian's theologian,' fought against unorthodox theology as his nation, England, fought against itself.

Read more...Brandon Markette

What do appeals to authority, fallacy fallacies, personal incredulity, and slippery slopes have in common? A distinct lack of logic that make for poor Christian apologetics.

Read more...Kersley Fitzgerald

Battling the Wrong Enemy  |  Jul 11
The enemy does not allow us to live unopposed. He is shrewder than we think, using the very things we think we "should" be to draw us away from God and each other.
Read more...Gwen Sellers

Feeling Saved  |  Jul 11
We are saved by grace, through faith; we cannot earn salvation. So how can we feel something that we did nothing to get?
Read more...Lesley Mitchell

Stealing Dignity  |  Jul 9
From a young age, children want and need dignity. How do our posts, pictures, tweets, and videos reflect this? How social media can harm our kids before they're even old enough to post for themselves.
Read more...Rebekah Largent

The Bible tells us to "test the spirits" to determine if they are from God. What does that say about a church leader who insists we do the opposite?
Read more...Jim Allen

Jon Favreau's movie Chef is about cooking, creativity, and remembering to live out of your God-given passion.
Read more...Gwen Sellers

What do genetic origins, Scotsmen, and Texas sharpshooters have in common? A distinct lack of logic that makes for poor Christian apologetics.
Read more...Kersley Fitzgerald

What does the Bible say about birth control? What is the real issue at hand with the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision?
Read more...S. Michael Houdmann

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