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Emma Watson recently gave a speech for the UN Woman's new HeForShe program, inviting men to help women have gender equality. How does her speech compare with the Bible?

Written by: Kersley Fitzgerald


How did the microbe really get his DNA? Every theory of abiogenesis includes a significant episode of "it just happened...somehow," without any plausible reason to believe it actually could happen.

Written by: Jeff Laird


Do we love Jesus enough to say, "As You wish" to the things He asks of us? What is our heart attitude towards Him when He reminds us, through His Word and by His Holy Spirit, what He expects from us as His ambassadors?

Written by: Laurel J. Davis

But it is for the children...  |  Sep 29, 2014

Why is 'it is for the children' increasingly being used to justify things that, in reality, harm children?

Read more...S. Michael Houdmann
The Point of Suffering  |  Sep 29, 2014

As someone said a long time ago, most everyone on the planet is either just entering a trial, in the midst of one, or coming out of a period of suffering. What is the point of suffering?

Read more...Robin Schumacher

What is the poverty gospel? Is the poverty gospel biblical? How does the poverty gospel compare with the prosperity gospel?
Read more... S. Michael Houdmann

How hard it is to stay on the straight and narrow path when the wide and crooked one's got a "politically correct" party going on with all the folks trying to trip you up, drag you down, knock you over or take you out.
Read more... Laurel J. Davis

Does the Bible say Christians can lose their salvation? Can you lose your salvation if you don't go through the sanctification process? What does growing in faith have to do with going to heaven?
Read more... Gloria Small

Given all the evil, wickedness and suffering on this planet, one could be forgiven for thinking the extent of human sin might make God feel discouraged, even grieved. Does God get discouraged with us?
Read more... Lesley Mitchell

The Bible has strong warnings for church leaders who engage in the mistreatment of laity. What is the warning to the pastor who abuses? What and how should the church handle the abusive pastor?
Read more... Jim Allen

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and The Hundred-Foot Journey, two movies with Indian flavor, show how exploring different cultures can make us more ourselves.
Read more... Kersley Fitzgerald

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