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Church is a good place to learn about our relationship to God. But we're also called to be responsible for our own Bible study.

Written by: Laurel Davis


The "telephone game" analogy says our version of the Bible was handed down with all the accuracy of a secret told by eight fifth-graders. It's an argument atheists use when they want to phone it in.

Written by: Jeff Laird


Some believers give of themselves daily with no thought given to their own provision. What do they have that the greedy lack?

Written by: Jim Allen


A used car may be affordable, but the maintenance costs can be high. Our purchase price was Jesus' blood; will we allow Him to restore us?

Read more...Kersley Fitzgerald

Winter Weather  |  Nov 13
Winter is a time of rest. We don't need to battle it; just remember God exists.
Read more... Gwen Sellers

The Lost Gospel  |  Nov 12
Does the "Lost Gospel" prove that Jesus was married and had children? How should Christians respond to the discovery of lost gospels?
Read more... S. Michael Houdmann

Good Works and Salvation  |  Nov 12
Why are good works valued in every culture? Evolution doesn't explain it. And they don't bring salvation. So why are good works integral to who we are as humans?
Read more... Don Strand

Are you fearful of God?  |  Nov 12
Do you fear God? Is there any among us who do not have moments of doubt, fear, and a lingering sense of God's rejection?
Read more... Jim Allen

In the BBC miniseries Broadchurch, every character is betrayed in some way. It's how they respond to that betrayal that's interesting.
Read more... Kersley Fitzgerald

What do Messianic Judaism and Kabbalah have in common? Just a root in Judaism. One is the completion of God's promises to Abraham. The other is sorcery and witchcraft.
Read more... Rabbi Robert

Christians are often taught that we must forgive, immediately and completely. Does the Bible really say that? Or is there another step that's often skipped over?
Read more... Laurel Davis

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