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What does biblical wisdom say about Obamacare? Should Christians support affordable health care?

Written by: Mike King


The murders at Charlie Hebdo were horrific. Many around the world have joined with them in the fight for free speech. But for me, I'm not Charlie.

Written by: Kersley Fitzgerald


How can a good God allow child abuse? How does God support and love victims of child of abuse?

Written by: Lena Oben


Jesus came to share the Gospel--the message of peace and joy and rest. It can be hard to believe, and even harder to live.

Read more...Jim Allen
Hyssop, Cedar, and Scarlet  |  Jan 28, 2015

How did God use symbolism in the Old Testament Law? What is the significance of hyssop, cedar, and scarlet in cleansing ceremonies?

Read more...Glenn Pierce
The Doctrine of Purgatory  |  Jan 26, 2015

Is the doctrine of purgatory a dangerous doctrine? Does it really matter whether purgatory exists?

Read more...Tiffany Wismer

The Shroud of Turin distracts us from the hard evidence of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It's one of many shrouds we use to cover biblical truth.
Read more... Laurel Davis

Crash and Turn  |  Jan 19
Does God use injury and sickness to teach us? Why does it often take something traumatic to get our attention?
Read more... S. Michael Houdmann

Blame Game  |  Jan 19
Why do we play this game — blame the victim to make ourselves feel safer? God didn't put us — any of us — in a safe world.
Read more... Kersley Fitzgerald

It's said Christ came to make us holy, not happy. But we forget — He also came to bring us joy.
Read more... Gwen Sellers

The Old Testament is filled with laws, but the New Testament only has two: love God and love each other. Why doesn't Christianity have more laws?
Read more... Maggie Peil

Is it true that happiness can only be found in the meaningless pursuit of pleasure? Is there such a thing as a true, abiding contentment?
Read more... Tiffany Wismer

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