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Do Christians sin? Can we sin our way out of Jesus' gift of salvation?

Written by: Beth Hyduke


How should Christians deal with harmful relationships? Christ did not redeem us to be doormats, victims, or wimps.

Written by: Edie Edmondson


God knows everything, anyway. He has a plan we can't change. If talking to God isn't about changing Him, why pray?

Written by: Kersley Fitzgerald

Speaking into the Silence  |  Feb 27, 2015

We avoid speaking about difficult topics, thinking the attention would hurt hearts and relationships. But it is silence that most harms those who struggle.

Read more...Gwen Sellers

Was Jesus tempted in the same way you and I are tempted? But wasn’t He sinless? How could He be tempted?

Read more...Tiffany Wismer

What's been happening in the world since the two Blood Moons in 2014? Should we be concerned about the next two this year? Should the Blood Moons be included with the end-time signs in 2015?
Read more... Jim Allen

No Grey Area  |  Feb 19
Christians should know enough about secular culture to be able to interact and engage with those who live in it. But we also need to know when to stay away.
Read more... Mark King

God's Word protects us like an umbrella. The question is, which umbrella do we choose?
Read more... Laurel J. Davis

Consecrated  |  Feb 16
How are believers consecrated? What does it mean to be consecrated in modern-day life?
Read more... Beth Hyduke

Luc Besson's Lucy - a tale of scientific discovery and philosophical contemplation of the brain's capabilities? Or just Gnosticism?
Read more... Kersley Fitzgerald

What if you can’t stop regretting some dumb thing you did? Does God care about how much it hurts? Can His love help?
Read more... Tiffany Wismer

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