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Eschatology is a legitimate field of study. But it's more important to know where you stand with Christ than to know the details of His return.

Written by: Jeff Laird


God wields His Word like a two-edged sword to cut off His enemies on the one hand, and on the other to cut out the crap that plagues His imperfect children.

Written by: Laurel Davis


What happens when we break our promises to God? Will He punish us? Or remind us that we don't need to try to impress our heavenly Father?

Written by: Don Balbieran

Movie Review: The Judge  |  Oct 22, 2014

If you have love or justice without the other, you don't really have either.

Read more...Kersley Fitzgerald
A Ghost Story  |  Oct 22, 2014

Are ghosts real? Do people come back from the dead to haunt us? Or are we visited by something far more dangerous?

Read more...Robin Schumacher

We're told assisted suicide is about death with dignity. For me, "death with dignity" is not a pill but an 80 year old woman dying of cancer, exhaling thankfulness with every last breath.
Read more... Kersley Fitzgerald

Is it wrong for a person to seek escape from a slow and painful death through euthanasia? Is it wrong to want to die with dignity?
Read more... S. Michael Houdmann

On Being an Adult  |  Oct 15
"Recently I've been alternating between bemoaning the realities of adulthood and embracing adulthood with joy. Perhaps I have racked up enough years on this earth to come to a new appreciation for the process of change."
Read more... Gwen Sellers

When a believer doesn't regularly assemble together in God-fearing fellowship with other members of the family of Christ, not only does he close off other people whom he can help, he also closes himself off to all of the benefits that a close spiritual family offers — a family he can rely on, stand up for and share in God's blessings with.
Read more... Laurel J. Davis

There is a false gospel sweeping through Christendom powerful enough to damn more souls to hell than any other form of deception. It is known as the false gospel of carnal Christianity.
Read more... Jim Allen

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