Waiting on a Faithful God

By Gwen Sellers

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But here's the thing. God came through. In a way totally unexpected and totally like God. I miscommunicated with my landlord and failed to provide written notice about my intentions. They graciously reminded me of what I needed to do, at which point I asked if there was possibly a way to keep a lower rent rate despite not signing a longer lease, fully expecting it wouldn't happen (based on prior conversations about the possibility). They came back with an offer much more generous than I would have ever expected. And not because I manipulated them or begged or was "on top of it" or anything like that. It was God's grace.

Similarly, a few months ago my car's side mirror was damaged in a parking lot. I called a repair shop and, without my prompting, they told me it would be better for me to order the part myself and then they'd put it on. If you know me at all, you know that I am not mechanically inclined in any way and would be forging new territory to find myself a side mirror. I told my mom about the suggestion and she reminded me that my brother-in-law is a car connoisseur and could help me out. I called my brother-in-law who graciously found me the exact part I needed. So an issue that could have derailed me and been very frustrating was completely taken care of. All I did was open my mouth to announce to the world I had a problem and God provided exactly who I needed to help. Not a waiting issue on this one, but it was a reminder that God sees and He cares. He hasn't left me to fend for myself. And that's what I think is so vital to remember when we're waiting.

Waiting can be fear-inducing because it can feel like God has forgotten. Maybe He doesn't really know what's going on. Or maybe He doesn't care. Then that means this is my mess to try to manage or fix. Then I realize how inadequate I am for the task. I can try to manipulate the situation to conform to what I want. Or I can get angry and frustrated with people who aren't doing things on my timeline in my way. It leads to very anxious and unsatisfying living. It also distracts me from doing what God has called me to do.

So rather than chafe at waiting, I want to simply trust God. He is so much more in control than I realize. He faithfully comes through on details I would never expect. He even comes through on details I hadn't realized I'd been waiting on. He sees. He knows. He cares. He is a loving Father. He has proven it time and time again.

One kind of fun thing about waiting is that it gives more people the opportunity to pray and to hear about God's faithfulness. I don't know why God has decided to keep me leasing for the next little while. But it seems the longer I wait, the more people I ask for prayer. Thus the more people who get to rejoice in the answers God provides. My prayer is to wait well, to walk faithfully, and to give God the glory He is due. May I fully submit to this time of preparation and pruning. May I learn to live a life worthy of His calling, leaving behind any sinfulness or dross. May He equip me for whatever is next. May He sanctify and purify me. And when I do find a house, may I always remember that it belongs to Him. May He be my true home and the house a place where His Spirit dwells, His name is magnified, and all who enter it find rest in Him.

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Published 3-20-17