A Bible Commentary from GotQuestions is the latest addition to the GotQuestions stable. It had been a longtime dream to have a Bible commentary website. That dream began to come true when a donor with the same goal agreed to fund the first ten months of development. After a short search for an editor, it became evident that the best man for the job was Blogos's own Jeff Laird, who was delighted to follow his calling into full-time ministry, leaving his engineering job behind.

The BibleRef start-up team, also including S. Michael Houdmann and Dillon Burroughs, worked quickly to set the foundation for the site. The commentary revolves around three core concepts. First is loyalty to the authority and centrality of the Bible text, with no twisting of the Scripture to fit into a preconceived theological viewpoint. Second is a succinct, easily-understandable explanation. BibleRef seeks to avoid making a reader feel as if he or she needs to be a Bible scholar to understand the Bible. Finally is the intent for readers to use the commentary as a tool for spiritual growth and deeper discipleship into a life of following Christ.

BibleRef is a free comprehensive Bible commentary, with an individual page for each verse, each chapter, and each book of the Bible. Chapter pages feature the full text of that chapter, in the version preferred by the user, along with commentary. Verse pages include the text in six different translations, as well as original commentary.

Eventually, the site will also include supporting articles covering various topics. Commentary is generated by a small team of extraordinarily qualified writers. All the same, with over 31,000 verses and nearly 1200 chapters, the project will take at least five years, most likely more, to complete commentaries for all verses and chapters.

BibleRef commentary is clear enough for the average reader, yet useful for all students of Scripture. Theology presented by the website covers the non-negotiables of the Christian faith without getting bogged down with the peripherals. So far, BibleRef has full commentary on 11 books of the Bible and partial on three. By the end of the year, additional New Testament books should be completed, and material for Genesis and Exodus published.

BibleRef is intended to be commentary without an agenda. Although the parent ministry, GotQuestions, has specific views on issues such as creation and end times, BibleRef will simply explain each verse in the context of the passage and the time period in which it was written. The Bible is not always explicit on every point, and some passages are given varied interpretations even by the most knowledgeable scholars. In these cases, BibleRef simply presents different views with a clear admission that the meaning is not absolutely certain. has thousands of articles on particular Bible passages, as well as numerous theological and personal issues. These are all written with the understanding that the Word of God is the primary source of truth. It is through the Bible that we know and love Jesus, apply what is written to our lives, and learn what God has planned for us. You should read your Bible, because you can understand God's will best through His Word. If you get stuck, or are looking for accessible commentary, try out!

BibleRef is adding new material every week. To keep updated on the latest in Bible commentary, subscribe to their newsletter.

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Published 6-27-16