The Essentials of Apologetics

Slideshow 1: Why Apologetics?

By Robin Schumacher

Without a doubt, our culture today is a very visual one. Ravi Zacharias has described people today as "listening with their eyes."

That being the case, Christians who want to be effective evangelists and apologists must share the gospel in a way that does not alter the message found in God's Word, but also in a manner that may involve using both audio and visual communication mediums. With that in mind, I've teamed up with to produce a new Christian apologetics PowerPoint series, entitled "The Essentials of Apologetics", that's aimed at educating both Christians and unbelievers on the truths of the Christian faith.

The entire series is free for anyone to download/modify and use in classroom, church, or other settings. All presentations can be viewed and downloaded from either, the, and slideshare. The first presentation focuses on answering the question, what is Christian apologetics.

The Essentials of Apologetics - Why Apologetics? from Robin Schumacher

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Published 7-29-13