Deliver Me!

By Laurel J. Davis
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Please, Lord...

Deliver me from the doubt I feel sometimes about where You are in the midst of my hurt and troubles!

Deliver me from all of the temporal troubles that distract me and make me discontented!

Deliver me from fear and worry, which are often just because I want to be in control of everything instead of trusting You to protect me, guide me and keep me secure!

Deliver me from the confusion and uncertainly that often plague my mind and spirit!

Deliver me from the pains of my past and from the shame of my mistakes!

Deliver me from the wiles of the devil, who attacks me from all sides, using all sorts of weapons and people and circumstances against me to weaken my spirit and my service!

Deliver me from ungodly people, whether saved or lost, who want to use me, manipulate me or deceive me for their own gain!

Deliver me from the devastation of abandonment by people I thought cared about me!

Deliver me from my own apathy about the truth of Your Word, the wisdom it gives and the nourishment it provides to the depths of my soul!

Deliver me from any sins, bad habits or hard-heartedness I haven't repented from! Forgive me, I pray!

Deliver me from lack of boldness to share the Gospel with people around me and to speak up against false doctrines and deceptive teachers who are fleecing Your flock!

Deliver me into victory over every difficult circumstance!

Deliver me into the joy that comes with praising You no matter what the circumstances!

Deliver me into the comforting hope that only You can provide, even in the midst of my fears and sorrows!

Deliver me into the peace that passes all understanding, that guards my heart and my mind as I find refuge and rest in Your arms!

Deliver me into greater obedience to You and Your Word, as I endeavor to resist the ways of the world and be transformed by the continual renewing of my mind!

Deliver me into a deeper understanding of Your perfect will and purpose for my life, so that I can serve You better, for Your glory and not my own!

Deliver me into an appreciation for Your incredible grace and mercy which You have shown in my life and by which I have the assurance of eternal life in Heaven with Jesus!

Deliver me into a profound thankfulness to You for Your love and unmerited favor towards me, a thankfulness that shows itself in my eagerness to live godly and serve others in Your Name!

Deliver me into an uplifted heart so that I can stay more encouraged and be able to encourage others for Your sake!

Deliver me into a bold zeal to share Your grace and salvation with the lost!

Deliver me into a stronger reliance on Your Word so that I will read it regularly, because Your Word alone is profitable to guide me, teach me, reprove me, encourage me, strengthen me, empower me, uplift me and sustain me!

In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, I pray. Amen!

Image Credit: Jillian; "Somebody Save Me - I Don't Care How You Do It..."; Creative Commons

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Published on 10-13-15