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Audacity by Living Waters

By S. Michael Houdmann, Got Questions Ministries

Released on June 24, 2015, Audacity, by Living Waters and executive producer Ray Comfort, explores why followers of Jesus Christ should not, and cannot, remain silent on what the Bible says about homosexuality. The key "confrontation" that provides the basis for the movie is between the female lead, Diana, and the male lead, Peter, who is a Christian. In regard to her sister, who is gay, Diana says, "You have the audacity to tell me that she's going to hell."

With a decent amount of humor and reasonably good acting, Audacity is an enjoyable movie. Far more important, though, is its message. Saying that homosexuality is a sin is increasingly being labeled as hate speech. Popular culture has, for the most part, succeeded in stereotyping Christians as hateful due to our views on homosexuality and gay marriage (and, sadly, the unbiblical and vitriolic methods of some who claim to be Christians). Society would seemingly like nothing more than for Christians to be silent on this issue.

While watching the movie, I was reminded of the quote from atheist Penn Jillete, "How much do you have to hate somebody to not proselytize?" If we truly believe that everyone is a sinner and that without Christ, sin will condemn us to an eternity in hell, how can we not boldly and loudly declare that message? How can we possibly stay silent if people's eternal destinies are at stake?

Truly, "Love Can't Stay Silent!" What some view as hate is actually a powerful act of love. Staying silent about sin — that is what is truly hateful.

Ray Comfort's videos on how to witness to homosexuals play an important role in the movie. After initially being at a loss on how to share the Gospel with homosexuals, Peter watches the videos and is encouraged to speak the truth in love. Comfort does a superb job in revealing the hypocrisy in how people are willing to use the "born that way" excuse for homosexuality, but are unwilling to accept the "born that way" excuse for other sins, such as fornication and adultery.

Having a natural inclination and predisposition towards something does not make it right.

Homosexuals, and others, may disagree with us that without Christ we are all sinners bound for hell. But, they need to understand that love, not hate, is our motive for declaring what God's Word says about homosexuality. Staying silent is equivalent to you knowing that someone has a deadly disease, you possessing the cure, and yet you withholding that cure.

That "scary" Christian who keeps talking about sin and your need for Jesus is not trying to offend or hurt you. No, he/she is trying to save you from eternal separation from God.

Which is love and which is hate? Declaring what you believe to be the truth on an eternally consequential issue, or withholding that truth because it might offend someone?

I urge you to watch Audacity and be emboldened to speak the truth (1 Corinthians 6:9-10) in love (Ephesians 4:15).

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Published 6-23-2015