Hope for Christmas in America

Jim Allen

"The Christmas season for believers is special, endearing, and traditional. The season is not so much about the gifts we exchange nor the decorations and merriment of family and friends, although an essential part of it. The season is about Jesus, the Savior who is the greatest gift of all. We can celebrate the season and give thanks because we live in time and place like America..." [1]

A year ago I wrote about "Christmas in America" and the traditional dashing about to get ready for one of the most celebrated religious holidays of the year. The article talked about the joy and merriment of the season and the lasting message of hope and goodwill towards all men (Luke 2:12-14). The article went on to say all is not well in America and that the most treasured day among American holidays is under attack.

The sting of outspoken hatred from *liberals laced in menacing and intolerant thoughts towards Christmas is disturbing. The loathing for Christ and Christians gained momentum last year when a federal judge ruled in favor of the "atheist lawsuit" making it unlawful to display any scene in Santa Monica depicting the birth of Christ.

While liberals are passionate about fighting for "freedom from religion," Americans are equally passionate about not giving up their right to "freedom of religion." After all, one's religious choice is an American right under the First Amendment. Individuals avowed against Christmas and its message of hope and good will view themselves as knowing what is best for all others. They portray Christians as weak minded and easily led about by simple fables. Lawless from biblical morality and committed to godless ideologies, the liberals seethe at anyone holding a world view different from their own.

David Wilkerson spoke about such intolerance towards biblical truth when he wrote, "This spirit of lawlessness is rampant in our nation today. It is the force behind the legislation that seeks to banish God from our society and the same spirit that Satan used to deceive Eve...!" [2] Liberals*, so it would appear, fail to recognize there is a God who does not tolerant unbelief (Hebrews 3:12).

According to a 2010 Gallop Poll, and in spite of the hostility by some towards Christmas, more than 90 percent of Americans treasure this special holiday season. The majority of Americans do not like what they see and will not roll over like a dog to give up what has been a religious tradition. They will not sit by and let the godless minority redefine their faith in Christ and the Christmas message as unacceptable.

While this fight between ideologies continues, there is a glimmer of hope in America. "Texas recently embraced a new law with bipartisan support affirming the First Amendment right for teachers, students, and parents to acknowledge Christmas on school grounds without fear of censorship, persecution, or litigation. It's pretty amazing that legislation like this has to be passed in America, but at least Texas holds on to just a little bit of sanity." [3]

This new law is the direct result of Texans standing up to say enough is enough! This is our land! This is our faith! This is our day and our way of celebrating our hope in God (Psalm 25:2-3-6)! Texans are fed up with the minority rule who tell them what they can do and cannot say. Texans will not replace Merry Christmas with Happy Holidays! They will not rename the Christmas tree to be the Holiday tree. They will not rename Christmas concerts to be winter concerts and on infinitum.

This new legislation in Texas will allow public schools to celebrate Christmas without fear of litigation and threats of censorship. School administers, teachers, and students will be free to go about their long standing Christmas tradition. Administers, teachers, and students will no longer be intimidated by ideological geeks lurking about in the dark shadows of political correctness listening for that one word that could land a person in serious trouble.

This season Americans and Texans in particular, will wish family, friends, and even the occasional stranger a very "Merry Christmas". They will continue to celebrate the season by singing carols and hymns and by remembering to pray for those who live without the joy and wonder of the Christmas Spirit (Luke 23:34) .

*Liberals, for the purpose of this article and regardless of political and religious affiliation, are those who reject the rule of God in their hearts.

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Image with permission of Bouquets that Stay

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Published 12-02-13