A Life Giving Force

Is the Sun becoming Our Enemy?

Jim Allen

Early Egyptians and other ancient civilizations worshiped the sun as the life-giving force. To the Egyptians, the sun inspired awe and wonder, taking on an enormous significance in all aspects of life. Lacking awareness of the science behind the sun, Egyptians put a religious spin on the purpose of the sun. Pharaohs began to view themselves as sons of the sun god Ra, a religious idea made popular by the Fifth Dynasty. Over time, the Egyptian worship of Ra and other gods of the Pharaohs ended with the rise of biblical Christianity.

The Bible has some interesting things to say about the sun. In the gospel of Luke, Jesus said, "And there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars; and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring" (Luke 21:25-28). Jesus goes on to elaborate about the coming of the Son of Man and the signs that will precede His soon return. What are the signs in the sun Jesus spoke about? Are these signs proof we are nearing the end the age?

Signs of the End

While scientists recognize the sun as a life-giving force, they concede it is also a deadly one. The sun is capable of sustaining or destroying all life on earth. Despite the fact we now enjoy mostly harmless solar radiation from the sun, the Bible speaks of a time when the sun will grow hot and scorch men with great heat (Revelation 16:8). Dr. Willson, of Columbia University, said satellite data shows the sun is growing hotter, a sign spoken of by Jesus. A hotter and perhaps even brighter sun would indeed cause earth's climate to warm and the seas and waves to roar as we have witnessed in recent years (Luke 21:25).

Another disturbing trend reported by scientists is the reversal of the magnetosphere which now protects the earth from deadly solar radiation. A reversal would cause the North and South Poles to switch places. As reported by, "The magnetic polar reversal not a hoax. The poles are already moving and the magnetic field is weakening... Predictions range from no effect at all to catastrophic. It is definitely something to watch, and I believe it could possibly be a fulfillment of the 6th seal judgment [from Revelation. 6:12-14]."

While the increasing temperature of the sun and growing instability of the magnetosphere are scientific facts, many prophecy experts believe the time of the Great Tribulation is at hand (Revelation 7:4). When the reversal occurs, the earth's magnetosphere (now protecting us from the sun) will be weakened until "pole reversal" stabilizes. During this period of pole instability, the earth and its inhabitants would be unprotected and feel great heat from the sun, which is spoken of in Revelation 16:8-9.

Our Protection Assured

While the world continues on its deluded path to a New World Order, the powers of nature appear to be resisting the forward rally of godless men. The sun is scorching the land and causing drought. The seas are raging against coastal cities with increasing frequency (Jude 1:13). Communities that have never flooded have seen unprecedented rain fall, woe, and ruin. Tsunamis have washed away coastal communities with regularity, leaving no trace of life. In 2011, the earth shook the Washington DC area as if to say, "Wake up!

Most men will not heed these warnings because God has given them over to reprobate minds, and they are beyond hope (Romans 1:28). Every thought, word, and deed of such men finds its legacy in ungodly endeavors and self-serving enrichment. Though the Egyptians and other ancient civilizations worshiped the sun as their life-giving force, modern men refuse to worship the Son of God who is the giver of all life (2 Thessalonians 2:10; Revelation 16:9). Instead, they turn inward to worship the god of self.

The Bible has some interesting things to say about Jesus, the Son of God. The Son, like the sun, is capable of destroying or sustaining all life on earth. The destroying rays of the Son's wrath are now focused on godless men (Ephesians 5:6). Standing unprotected and fearless, these menóarrogant in thought and reprobate in deedódismiss any notion of the coming day of judgment (Revelation 18:10). They do not and will not fear God (Proverbs 1:7).

The good news for the believer is that the sustaining rays of the Son's love are forever shining upon us (Romans 8:39). We are warmed by the heavenly rays of peace and protected by the divine magnetosphere of His enduring grace (Psalm 91). Like the children of Noah, we have peace and safety in the ark of Christ (John 15:7). He is our protection, reminding us of His promise to keep us from the hour of scorching judgment (Genesis 6:13, 6:18; John 11:26; 1 John 5:13; Revelation 3:10).

Image Credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight; "Sunspot Loops in Ultraviolet"; Creative Commons

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Published 11-22-12