Perfect Peace

By Jim Allen

Is your mind swirling from all that is going on in the world? May I assure you the world is absolutely out of control. Europeans are reeling at the number of Syrian refugees flowing into their countries. Thousands are slated to come here to America. Europe and America do not have the economies or financial means to sustain any number of refugees for very long.

The growing list of global woes is long and sobering including Russian troops in Syria. About these many woes Hal Lindsey writes, "Folks, we are seeing daily now the setting of the last-days' stage as described by the Bible prophets. It is time to make certain you are ready to hear Jesus call to His true followers, 'Come up here!'" ("Hal Linsey Report", October 9, 2015)

But until we hear the call to go up there, we are firmly stuck here. We are right in the middle of all the muck and mire of a fallen world.

Our shared quandary on earth reminds me of a true story from a dad who was outside doing lawn work. He heard what sounded like a small child calling for help. The sound was muffled because of the houses and trees. So he stopped to listen and again barely heard a plea for help.

His house was located in a housing subdivision among new construction. Mud was everywhere after a rain. Not knowing where to look, he began searching and eventually found his five-year old son stuck in a ditch up to his knees in mud. The boy was playing with some older children who had, by now, scattered and were nowhere to be found. The dad supposed the children told his five-year old how much fun it would be to walk in the mud, and so he did.

When the boy saw his dad coming from a distance he did not cry, because he knew dad would save the day. Stepping into the mud, the dad placed his hands under the boy's arms and lifted him up out of the muck, leaving behind his slip-on boots. Of course, he no longer needed the boots because he was going home.

Having rescued his son, the dad asked, "Are you okay?" The boy nodded yes. The dad then asked, "Were you afraid?" The boy whispered, "No, because I knew you would come and get me." Is there a message here? I think so. How did the boy know his dad would come? According to the dad, the boy knew because his mom and dad promised to always protect him no matter what.

Can the Bible make the same claim? Got Questions writes,
Understand, however, that although God has the ability to deliver us out of every physical calamity or trouble, it may not be His will to do so. Sometimes He uses these trials to purify us. At these times, we should "count it pure joy" because by allowing such trials, God tests our faith to develop more faith so that we persevere and grow to maturity and Christ-likeness (James 1:2-3). Protecting us from such trials would not be beneficial to us. (Source)
The boy's trial proved his faith was true as he waited for rescue. His cry for rescue was barely heard; but, however far and however faint, it was heard and that matters. A parent will always hear the cry of his or her child, and so too will our heavenly Father (1 John 5:14).

I firmly believe personal trials during these darkening days are for our good, teaching us to endure and mature in Christ (James 1:2-4). We do not always walk in perfect peace because fear has a way gripping the soul; and when it does, the struggle to regain peace and joy in Christ can be difficult (Romans 15:13).

Though the young boy was firmly stuck, he endured the trial in perfect peace by remembering what his parents promised him. As a result, he did not fear. He did not struggle. He did not shed a tear. He knew his dad or mom or both would come; and, knowing this truth helped him endure until one of them did.

Sometimes little children, unknowingly, remind us of lessons we learned early in our faith-walk but sometimes forget. How many times have we heard these reassuring words: "Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid...for I am with you wherever you go" (Joshua 1:9)?

Today, we find ourselves stuck in the muck and mire of the world, a frightening reality to be sure. For many of us it's a new, uncomfortable reality. We are forced to endure moments of doubt, dread, and the lingering sense of not knowing what's next. Though the Bible instructs believers to have faith (Psalm 27:1), we struggle just the same when fear finds a way to pierce the soul.

Even so, God promises to keep us in perfect peace when our minds are stayed on Him (Isaiah 26:3; Jeremiah 29:11). Perfect peace is conditional, a promise God keeps when we keep our eyes on what is true, honest, pure, and lovely (Philippians 4:8). Since Christ is all these virtuous things, peace can only be found by remembering His promise to come get us (John 14:3).

In closing, the boy didn't look down at the reality of his dilemma for long. Recognizing his quandary and helplessness, he remembered the promise and turned to the one who would fulfill it. He looked up, called out, and waited for dad, mom, or both to arrive and take him home.

I like this story because it's our story lived out every day.


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Published 10-15-15