Abusing the Sheeple

The despicable 1st Class people of the church

Jim Allen

The opening scene of a video shows an elderly white lady sitting down next to a black man in economy class on an airliner. The camera closes in to capture her dreadful facial expression when she realizes her hapless seat assignment is not at all to her liking. At first opportunity she asks the passing stewardess, "Will you please find me another seat?" The stewardess politely responds by saying, "I'm afraid the economy class is overbooked." Visibly shaken the elderly lady snarls, "I'm sorry but I'm not going to travel beside a black...Do Something!"

The startled stewardess responds, "I'll speak with the captain." Returning a few minutes later the stewardess says, "The captain found a seat in 1st class and apologizes because it's unbelievable a passenger would need to travel beside such a despicable person." The elder lady crinkles a smile and a sigh of relief. The stewardess, turning to the black person said, "Sir, would you please follow me to 1st class!" (Source)
I love this video. It speaks to a spiritual truth like no other I know. Simply put, we are not to judge others less worthy than we (John 8:7)! While racial discrimination is bad enough, its practice is not just a white problem. Blacks and other races discriminate too. Discrimination, in any form, is a heart condition and a despicable thing.

The practice of judging others unfairly also applies to sex, age, and other forms of discrimination. But, there is another kind of despicable judging that is equally disturbing. It is alive and well in the church. It is a distinguishing trait from more leaders than I care to count. They are men and women of God who profess to be "anointed!" They believe God looks upon them as 1st class travelers having a "special up front seat" with God.

According to these anointed, common believers are lowly and mindless sheep that need to be guided and corralled for their own good, ready to serve the pastor and staff at every whim. Failing to answer the call by missing a meeting, performing a church duty, or putting a family need ahead of church priorities would cause leadership to label you as rebellious and backslidden. Worse yet, the 1st class anointed refer to laity as "sheeple," dumb and rebellious animals unable to defend and fend for themselves. This is discrimination. This is un-Christ like. This is unnecessary and unprovoked putdown.

One recent example flows from prophetess Juanita Bynum who was videotaped unloading on the sheeple for daring to challenge their pastor's authority over them.

Trudging across the platform in a flowing white gown, this leader shook her finger, berating those who would dare question the man of God in the pulpit. She said in a fit of frenzy, "God never gave you permission to correct your sit down!...If the pastor says you can do it, you can't do it!"

As expected, many clapped and praised Bynum for telling it like it was and giving these despicable sheeple (who would dare question the pastor) a well-deserved spiritual spanking. Of course, Jesus was not amused. He most assuredly does give the sheeple permission to question any spirit in the pulpit including the words of the prophetess.

While the Bereans would have been looked upon as sheeple, they would never have allowed themselves to be intimidated by self-anointed leaders. If the Bereans would have been told to sit down, they would have stood up! They would have challenged the finger shaking by searching the scriptures daily to see if these things were indeed true (Acts 17:11). The Apostle Paul said, "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness..." (2 Timothy 3:16).

The Bible never speaks about believers in a disparaging manner. Yes, there are verses for reproof, correction, and righteous instruction but never administered in an unloving way. "Paul saw the saints as gifted and knowledgeable. He had no interest in controlling, micromanaging, and babysitting them. He expected them to be spiritually-competent enough to exercise their spiritual gifts in decency and order (1 Corinthians 12, Romans 12:6-8)." (Source) The apostle John said test the spirits to see if they are from God (1 John 4:1-6):
The Lord used the metaphor of a Shepherd and His sheep to illustrate His protective nature, guidance, provision, tender care, oversight, and sacrificial love for us. The Lord calls us "sheep" as a term of endearment, not to imply that we are idiots, aloof, or simpletons. (Source)
Calling people sheeple displays a haughty attitude. Telling them to shut up is hardly an expression of endearment and compassion. Demeaning a believer or anyone is never okay (Galatians 6:1-3). What is more, the words "shepherd and sheep" are word-pictures showing a loving relationship in the form of guidance, care and protection availed to the flock (Psalm 23, Ezekiel 34, Matthew 25:31-33, Hebrews 13:20, 1 Peter 2:25; 5:2-4). God looks upon us as children, works in progress with many lessons yet to learn along the way (Philippians 1:6).

Discrimination of this sort in the church is pride, a work of the flesh and a diabolical practice that hurts people and diminishes the cause of Christ. I have experienced these "1st class anointed" first-hand and openly attest to the loathsome influence they have on everyone.

In closing, these lofty souls who think they guide the sheeple to truth see themselves as deserving to fly 1st class. Sitting among the sheeple in economy class is not a fate they would ever welcome or imagine possible; and yet, this is where Jesus would sit (by choice) if on such a flight.

There is a message here. Fatefully and like the elderly white lady, Jesus would make sure these despicable (1st class) people get their full reward (Matthew 19:30). As for the economy class, those who belong to Christ will hear the Captain calling them forward to sit in 1st class, away from the abiding aloofness of despicable souls (John 10:27).

Note: The 1964 Civil Rights Act made it a crime to discriminate against anyone based on race, color, religion, national origin, or sex.

Image Credit: a2gemma; Point!; Creative Commons

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Published 9-3-2014