Blogroll on the Government Shutdown

S. Michael Houdmann had some good things to say about how Christians should respond to the government shutdown. Basically, remember Who is in control.

Alan Cross spoke more about what the Bible says is the root cause of the shutdown. From his post:
The Bible does speak to this. It tells us exactly what is happening in Washington and why. Simply put, people are in conflict and dissension because of the desires that rage within them. It is not the fault of the other person only. Each party is to blame. This is the result of power-politics instead of servant-politics. When grasping for power to wield it over others, the end always justifies the means. When seeking to serve the people, the means are as important as the end. We are firmly entrenched in the former perspective.
Doesn't it get you when you realize the Bible already predicted the chaos going on around you?

Nathan Rouse has more practical advice about how Christians should respond to the shutdown. Pray, help those who aren't getting paid, be civil in speech and thought, and get involved by writing your congressman—or maybe run for congress!

You certainly couldn't do worse.

The Generous Church gets even more specific as to what we can do. Here in Colorado Springs, as many as 18.8% of all jobs could be affected by the furlough—the highest in the nation (thanks to four military bases). It's time the rest of us step up and contribute to our church benevolence fund. In addition, if WIC doesn't get funding, hundreds of families will be hitting the food banks. We should make sure they keep stocked for the duration.

The first thing to remember is that the Bible really does have the answers. It tells us not to be anxious but pray always (Philippians 4:6), that we shouldn't be surprised when selfish people fight over foolish things (James 4:1-3), and to help those in need (James 1:27). That should keep us busy enough until they get things sorted out.

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Published 10-3-13