By Jeff Laird

I haven't piped up on the #ShoutYourAbortion farce yet, out of fear that I couldn't be congenial. After all, there's no "polite" way to tell people that their view is not just wrong, but sickeningly wrong. Admittedly, that was a poor excuse. A friend recently reminded me that politeness is functionally impossible on certain issues. Especially when the issue is something morally abhorrent — how exactly is one civil about something inherently uncivilized? So, if I can't be charming, I ought to at least be direct.

The #ShoutYourAbortion campaign is one of the most disgusting, perverse ideas I've seen in my life. Pro-Abortion culture is showing its true colors. Once upon a time, abortion advocates at least pretended to see it as a tragic, difficult act. One they (ostensibly) hoped would be "rare." Clearly, that was a long time ago. The goalposts have continually slid beyond defending the "right" to butcher children. It's not enough to fail to draw the line at killing children capable of feeling pain, or surviving outside the womb. Now they've sunk to the point of defending the dismemberment of the helpless, exclusively through the least meaningful term in all of American Politics: "choice."

To see how obnoxiously shallow some of these "shouts" are, interpose a toddler and a realistic scenario: "I had a doctor puncture my two-year-old's skull with a chisel and suck her brains out before he snapped her neck. It gave me more money and time for my career, and it's made me a better mother." If you think that's an insane exaggeration, you haven't read the #ShoutYourAbortion posts. No, really, read some of the chest-thumping tweets and posts from earlier this week.

"Choice" and "freedom" and "career" and "lifestyle" aren't justifications for murder. The first, last, and only relevant question is whether not it's a human life we're ending. And, since the humanity of the unborn is increasingly impossible to ignore, abortion culture is doubling down on the "right" to murder for the sake of convenience. Faced with overwhelming moral and scientific evidence, debunking all of the pseudo-scientific nonsense used in an attempt to justify infanticide, it's come to the point of blatant celebration. If you can't beat 'em, spite 'em, I guess. Shout that act with pride.

I feel sincere grief, and compassion, for women who've been fooled or bullied into thinking that abortion was their "only" option. Or their "best" option. Or, frankly, even "an" option. But that's not what this "shout" campaign is about. It's not about consoling the hurting, broken, shattered woman who's feeling ostracized and hurt and helpless. It's about shrugging off the pesky moral constraints that stop people from doing whatever they want, consequences be damned.

It's time to stop pretending that there are two reasonable sides to the abortion issue. There aren't. What's happening now — the dynamo-level spin over the Planned Parenthood videos, hashtags like #ShoutYourAbortion, Congress spinelessly refusing to forbid the murder of even "viable" children — makes this crystal clear. If you're willing to do the ethical gymnastics required to justify the horrific, agonizing slaughter of babies, then you have a serious problem. And you should be ashamed of yourself.

Hashtag that.

Yes, I'm saying those who support this kind of attitude ought to be ashamed. Those who crow about having an abortion ought to be ashamed. Yes, I mean it. No, I'm not fumbling over my words. Smug, self-satisfied, proud declarations that you ended a human life for the sake of selfish interests is not worthy of my respect. It's not due equal time. That view is not worthy of equal consideration. It's deserving of condemnation.

Call me old fashioned or simplistic, but I fervently dis-respect the stance that personal autonomy justifies wholesale slaughter of children. And I don't hold in high regard those who brag about what they — per their historic arguments — ought to be calling a tragic necessity, not a scalp to hang on the wall. Then again, I'm expecting an appropriate use of shame, from a culture rapidly descending to the point where there is nothing so vile as to be ashamed of.

Decent people need to be more vocal about what's happening. Pro-lifers need to make this cavalier attitude not just controversial, but scandalous. In particular, abortionists who advocate horrors like partial-birth and late-term abortion, or who encourage campaigns like #ShoutYourAbortion, should be publicly shamed and condemned. A person ought — rightly — to be abashed of dancing in the blood of a child on social media.

We also need to stop "tolerating" silly, sloganeered nonsense from the pro-abortion lobby. "Choice" is meaningless without context. What you are choosing to kill matters more than the ephemeral concept of "it's my choice." The "my body" line is nonsense; the unborn is not the same organism, is not the same body. Just because I own a car doesn't mean I have the unfettered right to do whatever I want with the occupants — "my car" does not include those things "in the car" which are not part of the car itself.

Even milquetoast statements like, "it's not something I would choose, but I don't want to tell others what to do" are inane. I wouldn't choose to rape, personally, but should I force that moral opinion on my neighbor? Rape and incest "exceptions", likewise, are foolish. Since when does being the product of a rape make you less of a person? How does that work? It doesn't, and we ought not let such nonsense go un-challenged.

If the life being destroyed is that of a person, none of these ridiculous propaganda sound bites mean a blessed thing. So we need to make a point of confronting them when we hear them. I've frequently heard social counselors say that silently tolerating racist comments perpetuates racism — by giving the implicit impression that those attitudes are acceptable. Well, the same applies to the culture of death. Don't accept it! Make it clear that it's not an acceptable attitude, and those who speak that way will be called to account for it.

There ought to be, should be, needs to be negative social stigma towards this kind of casual, proud attitude towards abortion. We should challenge, correct, and refute not only the mindless illogic of pro-abortion politics, but the attitudes that let it thrive. We ought to be direct, confrontational, and firm in resisting those ideas. James 5:19-20 tells us that sometimes true love means calling people out for their errors.

#ShoutYourAbortion is a peek behind the curtain into the warped mindset behind our culture of death: "my way, my wants, my 'choice' No.Matter.What." I do not support it. I don't respect it. I do not support or respect Planned Parenthood. I deeply disrespect the politicians who cravenly sidestep their moral obligations in order to appease abortionists. I feel sorry for those who've been sucked into bad logic over abortion, to a point. Once that goes from misguided sincerity to hard-headed ignorance, not so much (Proverbs 29:1).

And I will not accept, respect, or "tolerate" any attitude which treats something as awful as abortion with such a cruelly callous zeal. If that offends you, I'm absolutely, knowingly, and willingly saying that the problem is 100 percent yours. This kind of nonsense deserves every ounce of scorn, stigma, and shame that can be poured on it.

It's time for the decent person to #ShoutYourDisgust.

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Published 9-24-15