Names of God

Some blaspheme God's name. Some revere it so much they refuse to write it out or pronounce it. God gave us His name to use — reverently and respectfully, but use nonetheless.

Day One: The names of God
Each of the many names of God describes a different aspect of His many-faceted character. Here are some of the better-known names of God in the Bible...
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Day Two: YHWH
The name of God, as revealed in the Hebrew Scriptures, is YHWH (the closest English equivalents to the Hebrew letters). Ancient Hebrew did not have vowels, so the exact pronunciation of YHWH is uncertain...
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Day Three: The Tetragrammaton
The ancient Hebrew language that the Old Testament was written in did not have vowels in its alphabet. In written form, ancient Hebrew was a consonant-only language. In the original Hebrew, God’s name transliterates to YHWH...
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Day Four: Jehovah
In the Hebrew Scriptures, the name of God is recorded as YHWH. So, where did the name "Jehovah" come from? Ancient Hebrew did not use vowels in its written form. The vowels were pronounced in spoken Hebrew but were not recorded in written Hebrew...
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Day Five: Elohim
Elohim is a Hebrew word that denotes "God" or "god." It is one of the most common names for God in the Old Testament, starting in the very first verse: "In the beginning [Elohim] created the heavens and the earth"...
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Day Six: LORD, GOD, Lord, God
It can be very confusing to understand how the different titles used for God are used in the Bible. Part of the problem is that different Bible translations use the terms somewhat differently...
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Published 10-25-16