Christological Apologetics

Jesus is unlike any other religious figure in the world. Understanding how He is different will bolster our faith and help us explain the gospel to others.

Day One: Historical Evidence
Typically, when this question is asked, the person asking qualifies the question with "outside of the Bible." We do not grant this idea that the Bible cannot be considered a source of evidence for the existence of Jesus. The New Testament contains hundreds of references to Jesus Christ...
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Day Two: Jesus' Uniqueness
1. He is the only, unique Son of God. 2. He is eternal. He existed from eternity past, He exists in the present, and He will exist for all eternity in the future. 3. Jesus alone is the One who bore our sins so that we could have forgiveness and be saved from them...
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Day Three: Jesus and Other Religions
In a sense, asking how Jesus differs from other religious leaders is like asking how the sun differs from other stars in our solar system—the point being that there are no other stars in our solar system!...
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For more, see: "How is Jesus greater than all the other great people in history?"

Day Four: Christology
The word "Christology" comes from two Greek words meaning "Christ / Messiah" and "word" — which combine to mean "the study of Christ." Christology is the study of the Person and work of Jesus Christ. There are numerous important questions that Christology answer...
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Day Five: Atonement and Passover
Every one of the Old Testament sacrifices typified Christ. The Passover, or paschal, sacrifice was a type of the Lord Jesus Christ as the Lamb of God. The paschal lamb was to be a male, without spot and blemish, and not a bone was to be broken...
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Day Six: Jesus, Christians, and Judaism
If Jesus was a Jew, why is it that Christians don't follow Judaism? The Laws of Judaism were given to Moses for the children of Israel in a very sacred and special covenant at Mount Sinai and recorded for us in the book of Exodus...
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Published 11-9-16