Attitudes about Yourself

How do you feel about yourself? The Bible tells us how our loving Father-God thinks of us. When negative thoughts overcome us, we need to go to Him to remember who we are.

Day One: Self-Pity
...When we decide that life has not treated us as we have the right to be treated, self-pity is the result. Self-pity causes us to sulk and obsess over our hurts, real or perceived. At the heart of self-pity is a disagreement with God over how life — and He — has treated us...
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Day Two: Self-Deception
We live in a world full of lies, and deceit comes from many sources. There are lying spirits who lead astray; there are "evildoers and impostors" looking for dupes; and, perhaps most insidious, we have ourselves to deal with. Self-deception is common in our fallen world...
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Day Three: Self-Esteem
Anyone who is without Christ and without hope or who adopts the world's values may come to view life as futile and hate living. Thus, a secular worldview may result in self-hatred. Presumably, we who have obeyed the gospel and love the Lord do not hate life; we are not without hope in the world...
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Day Four: Self-Hatred
The concept of family is extremely important in the Bible, both in a physical sense and in a theological sense. The concept of family was introduced in the very beginning, as we see in Genesis 1:28...
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Day Five: Self-Love
...Biblical love is selfless and unconditional, whereas the world's love is characterized by selfishness. In the following passages, we see that love does not exist apart from God and that true love can only be experienced by one who has experienced God's own love firsthand...
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Day Six: Self-Worth
The Bible actually has many passages that tell us what God has to say about our worth and our value in His eyes. Genesis 1:26-27 says we are made in His image, the very image of God. Psalm 139:13-16 says we are fearfully and wonderfully made...
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Image Credit: Sarah Lacroix; -Cloudy-; Creative Commons

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Published 4-20-16