Most of the guidance in the Bible is universal - it applies to everyone. But some is specific to men. What the Bible says about being a godly man.

Day One: Biblical Manhood
In the postmodern world, few topics invite as much controversy as discussions of gender. Adding a religious dimension makes the concept even more prone to distortion and emotional reactions...
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Day Two: Being a Man
The world offers conflicting views of what being a man is all about. Some say that being a man requires grit, square-jawed determination, a working knowledge of weaponry, and, preferably, rock-solid abs. Others say that manliness is about getting in touch with one’s feelings...
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For more, see "True Gentlemen"

Day Three: Eunuch
The eunuchs of the Bible were usually castrated males or those incapable of reproduction due to a birth defect. A eunuch could also be someone who performed work typical of eunuchs, although he remained perfectly capable of having sex—i.e., “eunuch” in some cases was simply a title...
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Image Credit: Timothy Krause; "Man"; Creative Commons

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Published 8-10-16