Women in the Bible are shown as strong, fierce, wise, weak, indecisive, and foolish — human. How the Bible speaks to real issues that real women face.

Day One: Biblical Womanhood
Biblical womanhood is the distinguishing character of a woman as defined by the Bible. When God created two genders, He also instituted different roles for each gender. He designed the bodies and brains of men and women to work differently and to fulfill complementary roles...
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Day Two: PMS
Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) has different symptoms for different women. They can include serious physical pain, brain fog, and crankiness. Water retention can range from annoying to painful, and carbohydrate cravings don't help...
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Day Three: Menopause
Like childbirth, menopause is a unique experience for women. There are no hard and fast rules on how it will affect women, only guidelines. Some women experience menopause very early in life, and others much later. Some women go through menopause with little more than hot flushes or night sweats to deal with...
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Day Four: The Morning After Pill
Women have used different methods of contraception for thousands of years. With the ease and effectiveness of modern contraception comes a culture that treats sex casually, with the knowledge that pregnancy does not have to be a side effect...
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Day Five: Pants
The question about whether Christian women should wear pants or slacks is an issue that is raised about externals when the life of the child of God should rather be about a spiritual relationship based upon our position in Christ as believers...
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Image Credit: Steve Janosik; "I See Food, Move Over"; Creative Commons

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Published 8-10-16