The Books of the Minor Prophets, Part 2

The books of the minor prophets are probably the least read and least understood of the Bible. They also mark the last messages of God to the Jews until the arrival of Jesus.

The Books of the Minor Prophets, Part 1

Day One: Nahum
...Nahum did not write this book as a warning or "call to repentance" for the people of Nineveh. God had already sent them the prophet Jonah 150 years earlier with His promise of what would happen if they continued in their evil ways...
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Day Two: Habakkuk
...Habakkuk was wondering why God was allowing His chosen people to go through the current suffering at the hands of their enemies. God answers and Habakkuk's faith is restored...
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Day Three: Zephaniah
...Zephaniah's message of judgment and encouragement contains three major doctrines: 1) God is sovereign over all nations. 2) The wicked will be punished and the righteous will be vindicated on the day of judgment...
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Day Four: Haggai
...Haggai sought to challenge the people of God concerning their priorities. He called them to reverence and glorify God by building the Temple in spite of local and official opposition...
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Day Five: Zechariah
...Zechariah emphasized that God has used His prophets to teach, warn and correct His people. Unfortunately, they refused to listen. Their sin brought God's punishment...
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Day Six: Malachi
...The Book of Malachi is an oracle: The word of the Lord to Israel through Malachi (1:1). This was God's warning through Malachi to tell the people to turn back to God...
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Image Credit: Michelangelo; "Sistine Chapel Ceiling: The Prophet Joel"; Public Domain

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Published 1-29-16