Evangelism Methods

There are many different ways to teach others about the saving grace of Jesus. Even He used different tactics for different people. Here are a few of the more common evangelism methods.

Day One: The "Way of the Master"
The "Way of the Master" evangelism method is a technique developed by TV-show hosts Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, which seeks to witness to the lost by application of the Mosaic Law to show men their sin and ultimately bring them to conviction and subsequent repentance...
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Day Two: Lifestyle Evangelism
"Lifestyle evangelism" is an evangelism strategy that focuses on living a holy, winsome life among unbelievers with the goal of attracting people to the message of Jesus Christ. Many variations of lifestyle evangelism exist, but the definitive resource is the book Lifestyle Evangelism by Joe Aldrich...
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For more, see: "Lifestyle Evangelism: Why I Don't Tell Everyone I'm a Christian"

Day Three: Servant Evangelism
Often the word evangelism brings to mind a dynamic person speaking to large crowds about Jesus and giving an invitation for salvation....There are many approaches to evangelism and many different strategies. Servant evangelism is sharing God's love by simply serving others in practical ways...
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For more, see: "Evangelizing the Lost and Helping the Disadvantaged"

Day Four: Friendship Evangelism
Friendship evangelism as a method of bringing people to Christ or sharing the gospel of Christ has several meanings and connotations. Some people believe that friendship evangelism requires Christians to become friends with unbelievers, establishing a relationship before attempting to address their need for a Savior...
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For more, see: "Showing Up, Slowing Down, and Inviting Jesus In"

Day Five: Street Preaching
Street preaching, or preaching openly in a public area, has been a method used throughout the history of Christianity for the purpose of evangelizing people who would not typically enter a church...
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Day Six: Gospel Tracts
Any method that results in people hearing/reading and understanding the biblical gospel is a good evangelism method. Gospel tracts are small booklets that present the gospel, usually based on a specific theme...
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Day Seven: Door-to-Door Witnessing
Whenever door-to-door evangelism is mentioned, people invariably think of Jehovah's Witness and, to a lesser extent, Latter-day Saints (Mormons). Whereas only a tiny proportion of Mormons undertake two years' missionary work, all Jehovah's Witnesses (whether baptized or not) are expected to take part in the door-to-door work...
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Published 12-10-15