Christian Evangelism

One of the primary missions given to Christians is evangelism. But how do we get to a point where we want to share our faith?

Day One: Winning Souls
Being motivated for soul winning is a good thing, but we must define some terms first. Soul winning is a metaphor for evangelism, or witnessing. As such, this is a good thing to pursue...
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Day Two: A Witness for a Lost World
A "witness" is someone who attests to a fact, so in order to be an effective witness for Christ, one must have firsthand knowledge of Him. John the Apostle speaks of this in 1 John 1:1-3, when he says, "That . . . which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked at, and our hands have touched—this we proclaim concerning the Word of Life"...
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Day Three: The Christian Testimony
The word "testimony" is used in few different ways. One common usage is when a person is brought into a courtroom and placed under oath to tell, attest to, or give witness to his or her personal knowledge or experience with reference to the case that is being heard...
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Day Four: Sharing My Testimony
An effective testimony is one that conveys both your own experience and the Gospel of Christ so that someone else has the information about the process of salvation. (1) Start by writing down the details of how you came to trust in Christ to save you...
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Day Five: Fear of Witnessing
Possible causes of fear in relation to witnessing include shyness; past or perceived rejection or humiliation; an inability to articulate our personal testimony; a lack of knowledge of Scripture; a failure to trust in the Lord; and an ignorance of why men reject the gospel...
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Day Six: Biblical Evangelism
When trying to decide how to share Christ with someone, the starting point should be the same as that of John the Baptist and Jesus Himself. Matthew 3:2 tells us that John began his ministry with the words “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near”...
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Day Seven: "Accepting Christ"
Ever since the New Testament era, Christians have found the need to coin new terms to simplify or explain various doctrines. We reference the Trinity and the protoevangelium, although neither term occurs in the Bible. While "accepting Christ" is not a phrase found in the Bible, it does have a biblical basis, just as Trinity does...
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Image Credit: Matus Laslofi; "Talk"; Creative Commons

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Published 12-10-15