Personal Relationships

God made us for community. He designed us to live with others. Doing so helps us grow and mature and give help where it's needed. But it's not always easy.

Day One: Mentoring
The word "mentor" is defined as "a wise and trusted counselor or teacher." Although "mentoring" doesn't appear in the Bible, Scripture does give us numerous examples of mentoring. Moses was mentored by his father-in-law Jethro, first as son-in-law and then as a leader...
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Day Two: Peer Pressure
Why do we face peer pressure? The Bible clearly tells us that we should not expect our lives to look like the lives of other people (unbelievers) in this world. As Christians, we are aliens and strangers here on earth, and this world is not our home...
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Day Three: The Christian Introvert
The term introvert can refer to a shy, self-focused person, or simply to a loner who finds strength in solitude. No, it is not wrong for a Christian to be an introvert. However, there are some tendencies that an introvert should watch out for...
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Day Four: Unbelieving Friends
As Christians, we have to constantly face temptations and the attacks of the world around us. Everything we see, read, do, hear, put in our bodies, etc., affects us somehow. That's why, to maintain a close relationship with God, we have to put aside our old ways of doing things...
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Day Five: The Solo Christian
Talk of sin is commonly frowned upon today. Even many pastors avoid making statements that could be seen as remotely condemning or reproachful. The conventional wisdom is that it is unkind or unloving — and therefore ungodly — to take a stand against certain activities...
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For more, see: "Is it wrong to be a solo Christian?"

Day Six: Judging Others
Jesus' command not to judge others could be the most widely quoted of His sayings, even though it is almost invariably quoted in complete disregard of its context. Here is Jesus' statement: "Do not judge, or you too will be judged"...
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For more, see: "Here Comes the Judge"

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Published 1-13-16