Creation and Biology

How do natural selection and microevolution fit with creationism? Where's the missing link? Where did the races come from? Biology supports creationism over evolution — these articles show how.

Day One: Creation, Evolution, and the Bible
The purpose of this article is to explain why, according to the Bible, the creation vs. evolution debate even exists. Romans 1:25 declares, "They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen"...
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Day Two: Flaws in Evolution
Christians and non-Christians alike often question whether the theory of evolution is accurate. Those who express doubts about the theory are often labeled "unscientific" or "backwards" by some in the pro-evolution camp...
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Day Three: DNA and the Creator
Over the millennia, believers in God have marshaled numerous arguments in an attempt to demonstrate God's existence...One frequently discussed form of theistic argument has been the argument from design...
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Day Four: Creation and Natural Selection
Natural selection is considered to be the survival of the fittest and is often confused with evolution. But far from being proof for evolution and against creationism, natural selection is quite a reasonable and "God-given" process...
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Day Five: Microevolution vs. Macroevolution
Microevolution is an uncontroversial, well-documented, naturally occurring biological phenomenon. It happens every day...
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Day Six: Human and Chimp DNA
In recent years, genome mapping has enabled detailed comparisons between human and chimp DNA. Many have claimed that humans and chimpanzees share over 98% of their DNA...
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Day Seven: The Missing Missing Link
Every so often, news outlets will report that someone, somewhere, has finally found "the missing link." The discovery, supposedly, bridges the gap between humans and apes, proving with hard evidence that man is descended from other primates via evolution...
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Day Eight: Creation and the Different Races
The Bible does not explicitly give us the origin of the different "races" or skin colors in humanity. In actuality, there is only one race—the human race. Within the human race is diversity in skin color and other physical characteristics...
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Day Nine: Y-Chromosomes and Mitochondrials
"Y-Chromosomal Adam" and "Mitochondrial Eve" are the scientifically-proven theories that every man alive today is descended from a single man and every man and woman alive today is descended from a single woman...
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Day Ten: Vestigial Organs
If animals were created and did not evolve, why do they have vestigial organs? That is, why would God create an animal with parts it doesn't need?...
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Image Credit: Venkataramesh Kommoju; "Who said, DNA is Natural.."; Creative Commons

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Published 10-21-15