Sirius Disclosure Evidence for Aliens Revealed?

By Zeke Wheeler, as reported by his anonymous Blogos associate

In light of the April 22, 2013 release of the documentary "Sirius Disclosure", I felt it was important to "resurrect" my work with Zeke's journals. I'll share more about my disappearance in a later post, but this feature-length film following UFO researcher Dr. Steven Greer just seems too important. Here's what Zeke wrote about Sirius Disclosure in February 2011:

I have zeroed-in and have been investigating this Dr. Steven Greer for quite a while. With his very well-funded outreach and very convincing research, I think this dude is dangerous.

I ordered some of his materials off of back in 2009—CSETI and Disclosure DVDs. It's legitimately frightening because he hooks New Age religion into his work subtlety and with great intrigue. He is teaching all of these people how to have bilateral communications with aliens by opening their minds and hearts, inviting them in to speak with them. He claims the aliens are benevolent, and we should trust them.

He has gained so much credibility by getting military veterans, intel insiders, scientists, etc. to share their experiences in covering up UFO realities. He's also got a lot of big names behind him. His initial disclosure in 2001 was very convincing to those who don't have the discernment of the Holy Spirit.

Even well-meaning and motivated metaphysics gurus like Kerry Cassidy and Bob Ryan at Project Camelot and Project Avalon (donor-funded "alien ministries" I check out from time to time) are speaking against Greer and the power he is amassing by telling everyone that the aliens are good guys. Further, Greer and his entourage are asking the government to come clean and disclose the work they have been doing with aliens for nearly a century.

Dr. Greer has been doing little night-time excursions with tons of affluent and powerful people in order to show them the "truth". They get possessed by these displays because they do work. That is, using their minds, mediation, mantras, and remote viewing, they call these entities to come to them.

A few minutes later, the aliens are buzzing around in a "UFO light show" with Dr. Greer interacting with them, telling them where to turn and what to do. In this way, he proves he can communicate with aliens bilaterally. All the unfortunate people with him are lured in and—boom—they get possessed, open up their wallets, and join him in sharing the "truth".

Frankly, Dr. Greer comes across with his entourage of disclosing veterans and his demonstrations of communicating with the benevolent entities as more plausible than most. He claims to want the public to know about the government cover-up that seeded big businesses with all this alien technology (fiber optics, BMI - Brain Machine Interface, integrated circuits, silicon chips, etc.). The biggest claim he utilizes is the promise of "free energy" derived from alien propulsion systems.

Of all the dudes out there, Dr. Steven Greer is probably the most dangerous with his "proof these are friendly angels of light" spiel and appeal to discover the truth and start speaking with these ETs. He argues if they were not friendly, they would have easily destroyed us long ago with their advanced technology. Of course, this is a supposition that makes sense on the surface if you don't know that God is in control and wouldn't allow these fallen angels/Nephilim/demons who are posing as ETs to go further than His will and purpose allows.

Greer even uses "technology" that teaches people how to communicate with the ETs and even measure their presence/response. People everywhere are being hooked into this technology approach—big time! Right now, the only thing stemming the demonic tidal wave of mass possession and deception is some big movie or home computer-based "channeling" program. If Dr. Greer is able to show us one of his "possible" ETs as the dangling carrot to revelatory "DNA evidence" which proves ETs exist or seeded human life, this is going to deceive tons of people.

No doubt, the interest in communicating with these beings will explode along with the horrible consequences that follow as people start getting demon-possessed while channeling or communicating with the "friendly aliens".

The debate between Steven Greer and the Camelot guys is huge for me—especially since Bill and Kerry actually started Project Camelot because of Greer's Disclosure event in 2001. The major problem is that, after having interviewed over 300 whistleblowers, scientists, new agers, abductees, former super soldiers/Manchurian candidates/SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) dudes over the last few years, they've learned that these entities are not at all benevolent. Camelot now has a lot of pieces of the puzzle, even as deceived new agers themselves.

In opposition to Greer's view, they would say the evidence points to the fact most ETs are actually malevolent, and there is a massive conspiracy between them and our government leaders, illuminati, affluential/influential global elite, etc. to simply use and enslave the masses.

When I sit back and look at all the interviews they have caught on video/audio and transcribed as a whole, filtered through the Holy Spirit to discern the truth from lies and pitfalls, it really becomes obvious why the Bible describes what's coming as "THE lie" and that "even the elect would be deceived, if that were possible." Wrap all this up nicely with true Bible prophecy, Illuminati, New World Order, Luciferianism, Gnosticism, New Age, Occult, Cult, Environmentalists, Ancient Alien propaganda, Panspermia, and Government/Cover-up/Disclosure, and you will easily deceive the religious, powerful, spiritual, pseudo-scientific, supposed-scientific, military industrial complex, civil servants, and the rest of the world. Then season it all with the belief there is no sin, no God, no absolute truth, and we can self-direct our own evolution as gods through transhumanism and the Singularity.

Satan is rapidly approaching the apex unveiling of the greatest deception of all time. He is truly so cursed and so insanely deceived that he actually believes he can win.


I know, CRAZY stuff. But I thought it was important to share it as Sirius Disclosure gets set to premiere. Zeke spoke of the power of a documentary revealing evidence of ET DNA. Here it comes: He also spoke of the power of using personal technology to help channel "aliens". Now there's an App for that: ET Contact Tool.

Prophetic? I don't know, but I have no choice but to reengage with Zeke Wheeler's world.

Image Credit: encouragement; "SETI..."; Creative Commons

Published 4-22-13