Ride the Swell

By Lauren A. Birago

This is where your words come from, not from the peaceful shores, but from the troughs of the deep.

Now ride the swell.

Phil Gibbs; Some Rights Reserved

Don't ask why you are here or how to reach solid ground. Don't try to examine the fluctuation of the tides or anticipate the frequency of the waves. Don't resist the rip currant or attempt to come against its force. I am the one who calms the sea; I am your saving grace and I will provide the vessel to dry land — drift wood, wreckage, or a rescuing sailor; I see you and I'll keep you afloat until I bring you to shore.

Just ride the swell.

Dylan Fogerty-McDonald; Some Rights Reserved

When you see a wave that seems too big to override, know that I created you to be buoyant. You are not made to sink. You are made to swim. Stay focused, but not worried. Stay awake, but not anxious. Stay at peace for I made the water within which you tread. I cause the sun to shine when the chill of the deep offends your feet. I make the clouds offer shade when the rays begin to scorch your skin. I send a warm current when the sky and sea fade to black.

So ride the swell.

Tom Burke; Some Rights Reserved

Take no thought of what's beneath, for I created the creatures of the deep, and I will keep them at bay. I am with you when the swells reach mammoth heights; I am there when the troughs reach depths that seem to dwarf the sky. In the midst of the ebb and flow draw nigh unto me and see how I embrace you in your scary moments. Witness my power, much greater than the force of the surf and its torrential ocean spray, become as harmless and dainty as the dove.

Then ride the swell.

Klaus Stiefel; Some Rights Reserved

When a wave laps your face, causing your eyes to sting, I'll wash them with your tears. When you feel the tug in your belly as you fall with past waves, I'll raise you from their lowest points with the coming of the new. When you feel as if you are caught in the undertow, I will enclose you in my hand until the wave crests. Keep your mind stayed on me, lest you give place to fear and you forfeit the gift that comes with survival.

Your words, your music, your canvas, your dance; your compassion, your empathy, your trust, your love — they are refined here in the deep waters; where I'll meet you in the trough.

For the times when you are overpowered by the waves,

Ride the swell.

James Crowley; Some Rights Reserved

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Published on 4-2-2014