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Notes from the Editor for 2017

2 January, 2017

Come April, Blogos will have been around for five years, three editors, and I don't want to count how many articles! The first article published appears to be "Saints, Sin, and Satan's Mousetrap," written by Stephanie Ismer, Blogos's first editor. It's a thoughtful treatise on good, evil, and which is to our benefit in the long run.

Lately, many of our articles have come from GotQuestions' Q&A system. Beth Hyduke, Lesley Mitchell, Steve Webb, Fredric Carlson, Gary Meredith, both Christophers (Plumberg and Schwinger), and many others respond to questions that come in from all over the world and are gracious enough to allow their answers to be used as Blogos articles. Many of their answers are applicable to far more than one questioning soul, and we're grateful they're willing to share.

Other writers, like Laurel Davis and Denise Kohlmeyer, came to us through the writers' application form ( Laurel has gone on to other writing jobs, but she also started answering questions for And we welcome back Dennis Cooper next week, who has found time again to share his thoughts. I especially like how he can find the positive in trials (like road construction), and inspired joy in the ordinary (like coffee).

Our writers make Blogos what it is, but our readers do, as well. It's your encouraging comments and Facebook likes and shares that keep the site going. Unfortunately, Facebook changed their operating procedure this last year. Instead of allowing people to see the pages they like in their newsfeed, Facebook pushes for the page owners to pay advertising fees. Blogos doesn't have an advertising budget — even our writers are volunteers — and our pageviews have dropped off significantly.

You can help with that. Visit Blogos's Facebook page. "Like" the articles that speak to you and share those you think are significant.

If you prefer updates to come to you and not rely on Facebook's algorithm, you can always sign up for our newsletter. It comes Tuesday mornings with the articles that posted the week before.

Of course, we also have a Pinterest page ( where you can find larger versions of the article images. And Twitter (@blogosorg) is usually the first to know when a new article is posted.

The latest addition to Blogos is the Reading Plan. Articles from are arranged into convenient groups for personal devotions or short Bible studies. Where applicable, similar Blogos articles are included. Recent additions include studies on God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for the five years. We pray that 2017 will be peaceful and blessed for all our readers and that above all, God will be honored in this new year.

Image: Kersley Fitzgerald; Includes: blinds blocking fierce Colorado sun, Christmas card from Jeff Laird and family, otter/screen cleaner, piece of leather covering the touch pad because I couldn't figure out how to shut it off and I kept hitting it with my hands.

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Published 1-2-17