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Ευχαριστία: Eucharistia

By Chris Conner

Nearly everyone has something to be thankful for, but we here in America can be thankful for many things others don't have. Thanksgiving, or εὐχαριστία (transliteration: eucharistia; phonetic pronunciation: yoo-khar-is-tee'-ah) means " gratitude; active grateful language (to God, as an act of worship); thankfulness, (giving of) thanks (-giving)" (Strong's Talking Greek & Hebrew Dictionary).

According to, an income of $32,400 will put you in the top 1 percent of wage earners in the world. This salary is typical for accountants, registered nurses, and elementary school teachers. Conversely, that amount would pay for 122 doctors in Kazakhstan. According to a 2013 Gallup survey, Americans rank sixth in household wages. The average adult owns $53,352 in assets. Compare this to the average African with $5080 or Indian with $4645. (Investopedia)

Now let's see what we have compared to people in some parts of the world whose home consists of three tin walls and a tin roof. We have these things to be thankful for: food, plates to eat off of, knives and forks, tables, clothing of all kinds (many people in other countries may only have one set of clothes), shelter. Inside our shelter we have: running water (warm water for showers/cold water for drinking), air-conditioning, heating, plumbing, computers, electricity, TVs, refrigerators, comfortable beds (some with heating blankets), restrooms, soap and shampoo, pictures of loved ones, Bibles, medicine, furniture, automobiles (with heating and air-conditioning), cash money, credit cards, even money in the bank, etc.

Is that enough to make you feel rich? It is for me. When you get down, just think of how rich you are compared to others!

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Published 1-20-16