Jesus the Sovereign

Despite what some cults teach, Jesus is not only our High Priest, He is God. He is King of kings and Lord of lords and worthy of our worship.

Day One: King of kings and Lord of lords
The phrase king of kings is used in Scripture six times. Once, the title is applied to God the Father, and twice to the Lord Jesus. The other three refer to either Artaxerxes or Nebuchadnezzar, kings who used the phrase to express their absolute sovereignty over their respective realms...
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Day Two: Lord
Generally speaking, a lord is someone with authority, control, or power over others; to say that someone is "lord" is to consider that person a master or ruler of some kind. In Jesus' day the word lord was often used as a title of respect toward earthly authorities...
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Day Three: High Priest
High Priest is only one of the many titles applied to Jesus: Messiah, Savior, Son of God, Son of Man, Friend of Sinners, etc. Each one focuses on a particular aspect of who He is and what that means for us. In the book of Hebrews, Jesus is called a High Priest...
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For more, see: "The Salem of Melchizedek"

Day Four: The Supremacy of Christ
The supremacy of Christ is a doctrine surrounding the authority of Jesus and His God-nature. In the simplest of terms, to affirm the supremacy of Christ is to affirm that Jesus is God...
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For more, see: "What authority does Jesus have?"

Day Five: Worthy of Worship
Worship means "reverence paid to a divine being." If Jesus was offered and accepted worship, then by doing so He was confirming His divinity. This is important because there are those who deny the deity of Christ, relegating Him instead to a lesser position than God...
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Published 11-9-16