Terror Unleashed

By Jim Allen

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Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is a deranged jihadist leader sweeping his army of evil assassins across portions of the Mideast killing Christians, Jews, Muslims and other religious minorities. This merciless slaughter by religious terrorists is a form of evil that surpasses the brutal dictators of the 20th century, like Hitler, Stalin, and other madmen filled with narcissistic imaginings of world conquest and governance.

Alarmed by the ferociousness of the killing and al-Baghdadi's threat to world peace, Francis posted on the Vatican website:
The tragic experiences of the twentieth century, and the most basic understanding of human dignity, compels the international community, particularly through the norms and mechanisms of international law, to do all that it can to stop and to prevent further systematic violence against ethnic and religious minorities. [1]
In other words, the Pope is calling for western powers to form a military coalition to fight against this festering pestilence of evil that is spreading like a lethal cancer, killing anyone who will not conform to Islam. For whatever reason, America did not recognize the warning signs leading up to the genocide in the Middle East; and if the past is any indicator of the future, little if anything will be done to stop the madness and herein our dilemma.

When US troops pulled out in 2011, sovereign control of that nation transitioned back to Iraq. Their oil economy was back online and things were beginning to boom. Life was good and improving for the Iraqi people. But, here's the thing. The culture of the Iraqi people is steeped in tribal rule and religious traditions under Sharia Law. Dictators and local clan leaders rule with heavy hands. These people do not understand democracies and have no sense of national patriotism or loyalty like we do in America.

When ISIS* invaded Iraq under the leadership of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the well-trained Iraqi army dropped their weapons and fled when hearing about the horrible atrocities committed by this army in the name of Allah. While the United States has now sent and is sending hundreds of advisors to guide Iraq loyalists (Kurds) in defending the nation, many political analysts feel Iraq and nearby countries could be lost.

So, what does all of this mean? It means Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and other regional Muslim states are in danger of being oppressed by a demonic horde that is hell-bent on total destruction of anyone not sharing their religious view. This is religious terrorism and the new face of evil! Beyond that and if left unchallenged, their ambition for control will grow into the worldwide caliphate many fear. The Muslim ambition has always been to build a one-world governing body that will replace all political, religious, and cultural systems with one that will bring in world peace.

While the Muslim ambition is to put the entire world under Sharia Law, the most disturbing tenant of Sharia Law is known as Jihad. Jihad is the command from Mohamad to kill every infidel and anyone not worshiping Allah (Quran 2:91-93). ISIS takes this command literally and is using this tenant of Sharia Law to justify the slaughter of men, women, and children whose only offense is having been labeled an infidel. As "The Religion of no Peace" puts it:
The strangest and most untrue thing that can be said about Islam is that it is a Religion of Peace... The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule...It [Islam] is the least open to dialogue and the most self-absorbed. It is convinced of its own perfection, yet brutally shuns self-examination and represses criticism.
Should we be concerned? Yes. The Got Questions article on Sharia law states:
Christians should be very concerned about the spread of Islam in general and the impact of Sharia Law in particular. And we should always be alert to opportunities to witness to Muslims about the love of God through Christ Jesus.
What can we expect to happen next?

What happens next in this region of the world is important from a prophetic perspective because further destabilization in the Middle East exposes Israel and the world to unimaginable outcomes. The Book of Revelation warns about a time such as this when the nations of the world would spiral out of control under the leadership of godless men.

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*ISIS is an abbreviation for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, which has now been changed to IS, The Islamic State.

1. The Wall Street Journal World - Pope Francis Urges Action to End Iraq Tragedy

Image Credit: Family at a Syrian refugee Camp, Karkosik Erbil; Mustafa Khayat; Creative Commons

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Published 8-18-2014