Terror Unleashed

By Jim Allen

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What is happening now is the destabilization in the Middle East; and if left unchallenged the world could witness the realization of the Islamic ambition to place all humanity under Sharia Law. Heaven forbid!

What are we doing to stop it? While the United States has been conducting some air strikes against ISIS, congressional leaders and retired military commanders complain these retaliatory steps by our military are half-hearted and will not stop the onslaught. If true, then what is America's true agenda? If the half-hearted allegation is without merit, then America will step up its game and bomb these madmen back into the 7th century where they belong.

Could the alleged lack of affirmative action by Western powers to form a coalition against ISIS be a strategy to destabilize the world in an attempt to justify a new one-world order? It is a question worth considering. This administration and several of the previous administrations spoke often about the need for a new world order. Is this the beginning of it and is religious terrorism the means to achieve it?

The United States is alleged to have released al-Baghdadi in 2009 for unknown reasons. If true, why was this hardcore jihadist released and to what end? Even more disturbing, and in flow with the preceding thought, is the decision to release (in June of this year) five jihadist generals in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl, an army sergeant whose squad reported he deserted them in Afghanistan to join the Afghan jihadists. Getting Bergdahl back was not enough to justify the exchange.

What was the real reason for the five jihadist generals (who swore jihad on America) to be released? And, to whom were they released? Do these five jihadists now report to al-Baghdadi? Are they coming to America? Some think so. Al-Baghdadi said (in chilling words when he left the U.S. detention camp in 2009), "I'll see you guys in New York." The guards hearing the charge by al-Baghdadi sensed that his remark lacked a tone of endearment and good tidings.

If the conquest and slaughter of Mideast countries continues unabated and if the destabilization spreads to Europe and America, people will become so fearful of what is happening they will accept any form of the government that will put an end to the "madness." By then, America would be so beaten down by the terror that its remaining citizenry would willingly cast off its Constitution for any solution even if it meant a new world order?

In closing on this troubling theme, Hal Lindsey (a popular prophecy teacher on his weekly Hal Lindsey Report) said, "We are there folks!" But, where is "there" and what did Hal mean? Is Hal talking about the events leading up to the Tribulation?

It could be Lindsey was referring to passages in Luke 21:28 and Revelation 3:10, "…in which Christ promises to deliver believers from the 'hour of trial' that is going to come upon the earth. This could mean two things. Either Christ will protect believers in the midst of the trials, or He will deliver believers out of the trials. Both are valid meanings of the Greek word translated 'from.' However, it is important to recognize what believers are promised to be kept from. It is not just the trial, but the 'hour' of trial. Christ is promising to keep believers from the very time period that contains the trials, namely the Tribulation." (Source.)

Image Credit: Family at a Syrian refugee Camp, Karkosik Erbil; Mustafa Khayat; Creative Commons

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Published 8-18-2014